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iQdynamics is a company that assists businesses in improving productivity, synchronising organisational visibility and driving business success through the provision of a comprehensive integrated HR Software with Talent Management module. A customer centric company, iQdynamics is sensitive to the various needs of their customers and understands how to meet their exact requirements. As a result, iQdynamics has developed a robust and highly configurable style designed to meet ever-changing demands and challenges from their customers across the hospitality, logistics, education sector amongst others.

iQdynamics contacted Rabbit MS to create an informative site for their clients to learn more about their services easily. Our client knew what they wanted, which made it easier for our team to pinpoint a design that was straightforward and polished. The new site is also functional and highly comprehensive, while not allowing the information to become overwhelming on the users’ end. Our team managed to provide our client with a site that emphasises its professionalism, meeting their needs.