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Malaysia Delights


Malaysian Local Delights is a steamboat restaurant whose concept originated from Malaysia’s famous ‘satay celup’ (English translation: Dip Satay). They are the very first ‘Lok Lok’ eatery in Singapore and offer over 100 ingredients such as fresh meats, seafood and vegetables with 8 different flavours of soup base available. Apart from the steamboat, the restaurant also provides more than 50 varieties of authentic Malaysian specialty dishes for customers to savor.

As every customer is precious to the business, the company relied on Rabbit MS to create a site that allows their customers to place their order in advance before arriving at the restaurant so as to ensure shorter waiting time and freshest food served to their customers. Our team got together and designed a website that facilitates the ordering process and customised the layout to one that speaks for the mouth-watering delicacies they offer.